Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2011

Und wenn ich ehrlich bin, macht mir diese Liebe Angst, 
Dass du mich lieben kannst, ist vielleicht zu viel verlangt
Das Mädchen ohne Herz, das keine Liebe hat,
dass es mal soweit kommt, hätte ich nie gedacht


  1. dear merle,

    it makes me sad to see what you are writing. you are very special and it's not fair, that you are not happy. i don't know how i should make you clear, what you are for everyone. nobody is perfect, but it sometimes seems as if you were. although i know that it's not true. you'll always be somebody, someone who is worthy to be loved, someone who is admired.

    i love you and
    i'll always believe in you

  2. thank you for those sweet words,anon xx
    I think I love you,too